When you’re selecting a good spot for your ROCK & rockspace security cameras, here are a few considerations you should take into account.

Wi-Fi signal

Wi-Fi transmission is affected by walls and obstacles, and the transmission distance cannot be accurately quantified. You can use your phone to test the signal quality and HD video viewing experience at the same location. It is suggested that your camera should not be separated by more than 2 walls from your router.

Tip: Before mounting your camera, use the rockhome app to check your camera's video stream.

When you’ve added the camera via the rockhom app, the signal strength of the camera will be displayed. When the signal strength is strong or medium, it can be installed in this position; when the signal strength is weak, it is not recommended to install it in this position.

Height & angle

The camera needs to be installed in an environment with an unobstructed view. A higher place can make it easy to view objects.

The recommended height is about 2.1 meters (6.8 feet), and the downward tilt angle is about -15°.


The PIR sensor is more sensitive to movements across the camera's field of view than movements toward or away from the camera, so it is necessary to consider the movement direction of the object as far as possible.


PIR sensors are easily affected by various heat and light sources. When picking the spot, keep the camera away from places where temperature changes, such as air conditioner outlets.

In addition, PIR sensors cannot work through glass. So set the camera up away from windows.

The camera lens should not be too close to the wall. If there is a large wall in the picture, it will cause overexposure and affect the monitoring effect.