Wi-Fi has progressed significantly since its inception, with various essential improvements and innovations worth focusing on. Wi-Fi is particularly significant as we keep on depending on our home networks to keep us updated through the progression of the digital world and the fast-paced web. In parallel to this, there's a great deal to take into consideration assuming you're on the lookout for upgrades. That is the threshold where confusion and bafflement come in. Regardless of whether you're keen on gaming routers, range extenders, mesh systems, or the newly developed 802.11ax or better known as Wi-Fi 6. In this article, we are going to break down the key differences of each option and recommend the most reliable and budget-friendly purchase.

What is a Wi-Fi Router?

AX1800 router

For starters, a Wi-Fi router is a device that fills the roles of a router and furthermore, a wireless access point. It is utilized to give an access point to the web. Contingent upon the manufacturer and model, it can work in a wired or wireless network. In order to receive and get data from the web, you must be connected with your modem in which your router allows you to do that without the need for a wire. It functions as a gatekeeper to your wireless connection.

Important Key Features to Consider:

  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

Make sure to find a router that equips the most recent advancement of Wi-Fi technology that is the Wi-Fi 6. It provides faster speed, better battery life, and less bandwidth clog and network congestion than what you get with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) technology. It also reduces user power consumption. It equips Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), Target Wake Time (TWT) and BSS Coloring.

  • Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Search for more up-to-date AC routers with newer highlights and features not found in older variations of routers. Search for Gigabit Ethernet ports. Gigabit Ethernet ports help you wired-connect with your devices to achieve fast wired network performance. The USB port helps you connect to your wired devices.

Ethernet ports of router

AC2100 Smart Wi-Fi Router

  • WPA 3 Protocol

Some best-in-class routers are beginning to carry out WPA 3 Protocols for an extensive safer network. It increases the difficulty of password cracking to protect user privacy in open Wi-Fi networks.

  • Dual Band

If you're in the market for a newer router, AC routers have a maximum spectral bandwidth of around 8 x 160 MHz, contrasted with the 4 x 40 MHz standard of N routers. All in all, the expanded bandwidth permits more data to be transmitted without lagging. Also, having multiple bands is like having multiple routers in one, you could keep older established 2.4GHz gadgets on their own bands while keeping the latest devices on the higher bands.

What is a Wi-Fi Range Extender?

a mowan and a range extender

A range extender is typically a box that plugs straightforwardly into a power source. It could possibly have external antennas, and as the name infers, it broadens the scope and range of your Wi-Fi network. In the event that, for instance, your Wi-Fi network is solid in your home's lounge, bedrooms, and kitchen, however, it doesn't reach the nook, then, at that point, a decisively positioned range extender may assist with getting you the coverage you really want.

Generally, the terms "Wi-Fi extender," "repeater," and "booster" are utilized reciprocally, with extender being the more normal term. The significant distinction to keep an eye out for is that while most extenders are wireless and some extenders are Powerline adapters requiring two boxes. rockspace's Range Extenders have an easy and quick setup guide.

It's also important to find a range extender with great compatibility that supports all routers on the market and works with any standard router and gateway.

Assuming you simply have one room that is a dead spot in the house, then, at that point, a single range extender may be the better decision. The moment it begins to appear as though you'll require numerous extenders to make it work, nonetheless, a Wi-Fi mesh system is an alternative choice.

What is a Mesh System?

a mesh node on a desk

While range extenders can help an extraordinary deal, the issue is that the Wi-Fi signal corrupts the further away you get from the source (your ISP switch or modem). Thus, in the event that you utilize two range extenders to hit the wine cellar—the speed and strength of your Wi-Fi will frequently become slow. At the point when range extenders aren't capable, the mesh system turns into an extremely alluring arrangement. Mesh systems are regularly alluded to as frameworks that blanket your home in Wi-Fi.

A mesh system consists of a main router and extra "satellite nodes" that can be put around the home. The quantity of nodes you really want relies upon the size of your home and the inclusion the specific system covers. rockspace's mesh system has a set of three nodes that works together to offer coverage in a small business up to 6000 square feet, blanketing your whole place in fast and reliable Wi-Fi and with 802.11v/r protocol, all of the nodes use a single network name and password. As people move around, their devices automatically connect to the optimal node without manual switching. Now you can enjoy the best Wi-Fi signal at any corner.

There are huge loads of mesh systems out there for each budget plan. It's ideal if you'd get a tri-band system. However, assuming your spending plan doesn't fit that, there are numerous dual-band systems that are worth the purchase.


All three options differ depending on your needs. On the off chance that you don't have any dead spots, then, at that point, the issue is with your internet provider, rather than your Wi-Fi network. In the event that you do observe dead spots, ensure your router is ideally positioned out in the open, in a focal area. On the off chance that the router is stored inside a cramped space toward one side of the house, you could possibly take care of your concern of having dead spots by just repositioning the router as opposed to purchasing a new one. On the off chance that you do require some assistance broadening your Wi-Fi range, you'll need to pick between a range extender and a mesh system.