When you visit http://re.rockspace.local to set up or manage your rockspace router/range extender, you should see a login page like this:

rockspace extender setup page, create your login password

Why can't I access re.rockspace.local?

However, many users complain they go to the pages shown below. Why? It's because the device (in this case, your smartphone or computer used to set up the router/range extender) is not connected to the router's/range extender's network, you didn't add http:// before re.rockspace.local or you typed the wrong URL address. If you click the links on the second page, it will take you to a fraudulent third-party website that might steal your personal information or even charge you unreasonable fees.

http://re.rockspace.local, domain not resolved
search results of re.rockspace.local

Simple steps to fix re.rockspace.local not working

You can follow the steps below to troubleshoot problems:

1. Make sure your computer or smartphone has been connected to the router/extender’s network.

2. Verify that http://re.rockspace.local is correctly entered in the web browser and press Enter. You must put http:// before re.rockspace.local. Any variants of re.rockspace.local such as rerockspace-locals, re-rockspace-local, rerockspace-local, rerocklocal, rerockspacelocal, rerockpacelocal, etc. are not the correct websites.

For specific solutions, you can visit why can't I access my router or why can't I access my range extender.

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