Where you put the range extender is critical to its performance, so keep an open mind and be prepared to move your extender around in the event that the outcomes are frustrating.

Look for an electrical plug that is roughly halfway between your router and where you need the extender's Wi-Fi signal to go. Plug in the extender and follow the instructions to configure it. When it's working, go to the dead spot and check whether it's been invigorated with Wi-Fi. rockspace has a variety of dual-band extenders, one of which should be perfect for your needs.

When choosing the best location for your range extender, here are some tips to follow:

1. Distance

The ideal location to place the range extender is at a halfway point between your router and the dead zone, but make sure the location you choose is within the range of your router. Use the LED indicator to determine whether it is appropriate to place your range extender.




Best connection


Poor connection


No connection

 2. Aim high

Place the range extender at an appropriate height, which will help the extender get a better signal from the main router. Try to place the range extender high on a bookshelf, rack, or other areas with reasonable height, rather than putting it on the floor or corner.

3. Stay away from obstacles

When picking your extender's location, keep it away from objects that will either reflect the signal (like mirrors or windows) or absorb it (concrete walls, metallic blinds, or furniture). Radio waves emitted by large household appliances can also disrupt your Wi-Fi signals, such as microwaves, air conditioners, remote controllers, or electronic cookers. Whenever possible, place your range extender out in the open and avoid the obstacles mentioned above.

4. AP mode

At the point when obstacles are inevitable and you want a minimal loss of performance, you can likewise put the range extender near where the Wi-Fi signal is required, run a wired Ethernet connection and switch the range extender into AP mode. Visit how to set up my range extender as an access point if you have troubles with setup.

AP mode of range extender

5. Put the antenna vertically

For the best performance, put the antenna in an upward direction with the ground.

AC1200 extender's antenna position

For AC2100 Wi-Fi Range Extender:

how to position antenna in a single-story building
how to position antenna in a multi-story building
If the extender is used in a single-story building, point the upper antennas straight up and uptilt the lower antennas as shown above.  If the extender is used in a multi-story building, point the upper antennas straight up and the lower antennas straight down as shown above.