WPA3 vs. WPA2

WPA3 is the newest generation of Wi-Fi security. Compared to WPA2, it enhances Wi-Fi password protection, secures open networks, and simplifies device configuration.

WPA3 devices are backward compatible with devices that use WPA2, but legacy Wi-Fi devices do not detect WPA3 and support only WPA2. 

Even when you have a Wi-Fi router that supports WPA3, you’ll need WPA3-enabled clients (smartphone and computer) to fully take advantage of enhanced features.

Should I enable WPA3 on my router if my phone/computer only supports WPA2?

No, it is recommended to use WPA2 instead of WPA3 in this case. Because legacy WPA2 capable clients may be incompatible with WPA3 and connection issues may appear when WPA3 encryption is on.

If my router supports WPA3 while my range extender only supports WPA/WPA2, can they work?

No. Both your router and range extender should support WPA3 to extend the Wi-Fi signal successfully. It is recommended to log in to your router and change its security type to WPA2.

However, if your router supports WPA/WPA2 while your range extender supports WPA3, they can work together to improve your Wi-Fi coverage.