If you still can’t connect to your home Wi-Fi after installing ROCK wireless USB adapter U1 and U1A, you can try the following solutions. Please check the network connectivity after each step.

Fix can't connect to Wi-Fi after installing the adapter

1. Check if you have installed the driver for U1 and U1A successfully.

2. Use another laptop or your mobile phone to connect to the Wi-Fi, make sure the internet connection is working normally.

3. Make sure the adapter is securely connected to your computer.

4. Turn off antivirus software and firewall in Windows.

5. Try a different USB port on the computer.

6. Restart your computer and try again.

7. Remove the adapter from your computer and re-install it again.

If your adapter still can’t connect to your Wi-Fi, contact our support team and let us know the steps you’ve tried and the results.