AC2100 mesh

What is a mesh node?

rockspace mesh Wi-Fi consists of three nodes (or points, satellites) in one set, which can be placed around your house for full Wi-Fi coverage. So a “node” is actually a device that forms part of the wireless network.

How does a mesh node work?

Mesh Wi-Fi networks use multiple nodes to create a single wireless network with the same SSID and password. Only one node must be connected to your modem or wireless gateway via an Ethernet cable. It’s called the Primary Node or your main mesh Wi-Fi router. After powering on, other nodes (referred to as the Secondary Nodes) will automatically be added to the mesh network.

The primary node shares the Internet connection wirelessly with other secondary nodes. No Internet connection is needed for secondary nodes. Each node in a mesh network can send and receive data and all nodes can communicate directly with each other. Behind the scenes, adaptive routing, self-healing, and other technologies allow mesh systems to automatically choose the optimum route to transmit data. For example, if one node has too many connected devices or goes down, the system will automatically re-route the information from one node to the other node.

Therefore, a mesh Wi-Fi system can offer you the best Wi-Fi experience with wide coverage and lightning-fast speed.