When choosing where to place your mesh nodes, home size, construction type, layout, and regular place of use all need to be taken into consideration.

An estimated Wi-Fi coverage of a rockspace Mesh Wi-Fi System:

Wi-Fi coverage of rockspace Mesh Wi-Fi System
One node Two nodes Three nodes 
up to 200 square feet up to 4000 square feet up to 6000 square feet

Where to place mesh network

One of the nodes must be connected to a modem. This leaves you limited placements.

For secondary nodes, place it about halfway between the primary node or another node and where you want a Wi-Fi signal, but no more than 2 rooms (or about 10 meters) away. The indicator on the node can be used to determine an ideal location to place your node. Green indicates strong signal strength, yellow or red means you need to readjust the placement of the node.

LED indicator of rockspace mesh system
Also keep in mind that place each node out in the open, off the floor, and away from electronic interference, such as microwaves, TVs, refrigerators, etc.