This article applies to RSD0614 (AC2100 Smart Wi-Fi Router), RSD0616 (AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router), and RSD0619 (AX1800 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router).

If your rockspace router isn’t working right, and you have tried to reboot it or other troubleshooting methods, you may decide to restore the router to its factory settings.

Important: A factory reset will remove all your router's wireless settings and other configurations. After you've performed a reset, you'll have to reconfigure the router from scratch.

Reset your rockspace router

There are three ways to factory reset your router.

Method 1: Via the Reset Button (Recommended)

With the router powered on, press and hold the Reset Button for about 8 seconds. Then release the button and the router will reset automatically.

Method 2: Via the App

  • If your router’s model number is RSD0619, launch the ROCK WIFI App, go to Device Information > More Settings, and click Restore factory setting. The router will reset automatically.
  • If your router’s model number is RSD0614, launch the RS WiFi App, go to Tools, and click Reset. The router will reset automatically.

    Method 3: Via a Web Browser

    1. Connect to the router’s network.
    2. Log in to the router’s web management page, go to Advanced > Tools > System (this is varied by model), and click Reset. The router will reset automatically.

      If you need to set up your router again, visit how to set up rockspace Wi-Fi router.