This article applies to RSD0614 (AC2100 Smart Wi-Fi Router).

rockspace AC2100 Router firmware update

There are two methods to update the firmware of rockspace AC2100 Smart Wi-Fi Router, you can choose either of them.

Method 1: Via the RS WiFi App

1. Connect your mobile device to the router’s Wi-Fi network.

2. Launch the RS WiFi app and log in.

3. Tap the image of your router.

My devices

4. On the Tools page, tap System Update.

System update on Tools page

5. Update to the latest firmware if new firmware is available.

Method 2: Via a web browser


1. Back up your router configuration before the firmware update. If anything goes wrong, restore the configuration with the file you saved.

2. DO NOT power off the router during the firmware update.

Before you start

Connect your device (smartphone or computer) to the router’s Wi-Fi network and log in to the router's web management page. 

rockspace AC2100 router login page


To back up configuration:

1. Go to System Settings, and tap Backup/Restore.

System settings > Backup/Restore

2. Save a copy of the current settings to your local computer.

To update your router's firmware:

1. Download the latest firmware file from the Support > Download first. (Make sure you choose the right file for your model.)

2. Go to System Settings, and tap Firmware Update.

System settings > Firmware update


3. You can choose to update online or choose the downloaded file.

Update online or local update


To restore configuration settings:

1. Go to System Settings > Backup/Restore.

2. Locate the backup configuration file stored on your computer.

3. Wait a few minutes for the restore and reboot.