If you want to reconnect your camera to a different Wi-Fi network or you have changed your Wi-Fi network's settings, you can change the network your camera is using through the rockhome app.

Important: You won't lose your video history by changing the Wi-Fi network.

1. On the rockhome app’s home screen, tap Camera Setting Camera Setting icon of rockhome app.

2. TapNext icon of rockhome appon the Camera Setting page.

3. Tap Wi-Fi name (SSID), then tap Change Wi-Fi network.

Camera info > Wi-Fi name (SSID) Change Wi-Fi network

4. Select the new Wi-Fi network you wish to connect to, enter its password and click Next Step.

Add a new camera

5. Double-tap your camera's Power Button until you will hear Ding Dong Ding Dong sounds.

6. Use the camera to scan your phone's QR code.

7. Name your camera, select the location of placement, and tap Done.

The Wi-Fi network is changed successfully!

You can also factory reset your camera, remove it from the app and set it up again. By doing this, all video clips in your account will be automatically deleted. Make sure to save any important clips before you start.