You can simply place C1 on a horizontal surface like a shelf, or you can mount it on a wall or ceiling.

1. Select a good spot

Select a good spot for your camera, place or install the camera in a position where its view is not blocked and ensure that it is within the coverage of your Wi-Fi network.

Note: Check your camera's video stream with the rockhome app. The PIR sensor is more sensitive to movements across the camera's field of view than movements toward or away from the camera.

recommended height about 6 ft

2. Install the mounting plate

Hold the plate against where you want to mount your camera and screw it in.

Note: When drilling holes, drill only one to start with. Drill the other two holes using the slots as a guide. Then, insert the plastic expansion tubes into holes, place the plate on the surface and screw the mounting screws into the expansion tubes.


Install the bracket by inserting the screws

3. Fix the camera

Align the bracket screw with the screw hole of the camera and then rotate it clockwise to tighten the camera.

attach the camera to the bracket

4. Adjust the view.

Use the rockhome app to check the view while you adjust the camera angle. After you adjust it to the right angle, tighten the bracket screw by rotating it in clockwise direction.

adjust camera view