If you have a micro SD card inserted into your camera, you can view videos saved on the SD card via the rockhome app or via a computer.

View videos via the rockhome app

1. Open the rockhome app, and tap SD card video.

Camera setting > SD card video

2. Select a date in the top-left corner, zoom in and you see many gray dots beneath the timeline. A gray dot indicates a video clip. Slide left or right to the video you want to view.

videos on the SD card

 View videos via a computer

1. Eject the SD card from your camera.

2. Insert the SD card into your computer’s memory card slot or a card adapter. If the latter, connect the SD card adapter to your computer.

3. Wait for the SD card or adapter to appear on your desktop, then double click on the icon for the device to open the drive folder and view videos on your SD card.