rockhome Awareness is a paid subscription service for ROCK and rockspace cameras. With a rockhome Awareness subscription, you can access more advanced features and take the most advantage of your cameras.

We offer 3 plans (Basic, Plus and Pro) to meet your needs. To subscribe to rockhome Awareness, go to the rockhome app.

rockhome Awareness features

Cloud Storage

rockhome Awareness provides up to 60 days (10GB) of video recordings in the cloud, depending on your plan. You can easily view the videos anytime from the rockhome app once they are uploaded to the cloud.

Intelligent Notification

Advanced algorithms enable your camera to send you more intelligent motion alerts, such as a suspicious person wandering around or a package delivered. You won’t be annoyed by incessant notifications but focus on events and areas that matter.

Activity Zone

You can create up to 3 zones you want to monitor and be notified about. Once you set an Activity Zone, alerts will only be triggered if motions are detected in that zone.

How to set up Activity Zones for my camera

Smart Motion Detection

ROCK and rockspace cameras use AI to identify humans, pets, vehicles and packages, and analyze their behavior, such as passing by, wandering around, and approaching.

Plans and what's included

Cloud Storage Intelligent Notification Activity Zone Smart Motion Detection
No Plan 7 days (≤1GB) - - -
Basic 15 days (≤3GB)
Plus 30 days (≤5GB)
Pro 60 days (≤10GB)