Activity Zones is a feature that allows you to designate certain areas within the camera's view you want to monitor, your front walkway, for example. After you set up Activity Zones, you can choose to get motion alerts only from those zones.

Activity Zones is available if you are on a trial or paid rockhome Awareness.

Note: Activity Zones don’t affect your ROCK or rockspace camera's motion detection. The camera will still record the entire view. 

Create Activity Zones for your ROCK & rockspace camera

1. Open the rockhome app.

2. Tap Camera Setting Camera setting icon of rockhome app in the lower right corner of the camera you want to set up an Activity Zone for.

3. Tap Activity Zone.

Camera Setting > Activity Zone

4. Tap + in the upper right corner. A new zone appears in the middle of your camera's view. Rotate your phone into landscape mode for a better view.

5. To move the zone, tap inside the zone and drag. To change its shape, tap and drag the 8 dots on the sides of the zone.

6. On the top of the screen, give the zone a name.

7. Tap ✓ in the upper right corner to save your settings.

8. Repeat the process to create any additional zones you want.

Note: You can create up to 3 zones for your camera.

Then you can choose which types of events you want to record in that zone and which notifications you want to receive.