rockspace Solar Panel can work with Camera T1, C1, and other solar-powered cameras. 

Solar Panel Installation

Place the solar panel in a position with consistent sunlight throughout the year. It only needs a few hours of direct sunlight each day to keep your camera powered.

Note: The amount of energy that the solar panel produces is affected by weather conditions, seasonal changes, geographic location, etc.

Step1. Fix the mounting base using the included screws.

If the installation surface is soft or unstable, drill a hole in the wall with a φ6.0 drill bit, then insert the anchor nail into the hole, and fix the base with screws.

Fix the mounting base with the screws included

Step 2. Screw the solar panel to the bracket.

  • First, install the locking screw cap into the universal joint and then screw the circular socket nut into the universal joint.
  • Screw the universal joint into the back of the solar panel. Tighten it firmly with the attached nut.

Screw the solar panel to the bracket

Step 3. Attach the panel to the mounting base.

Screw the locking screw cap into the base. Make sure that the universal joint is angled upward.

Attach the panel to the base

Step 4. Adjust the angle to maximize sunlight exposure.

If you'd like to adjust the angle of the solar panel, loosen the locking screw cap, set your desired angle, then tighten the locking screw cap when the panel is in position.

loosen the solar panel

The solar panel’s angle can also be tilted up and down 90°.

adjust solar angle

Note: After the installation is complete, make sure the solar panel is tightly secured.

How to position your Solar Panel?

1. Choose a position that gets the most direct sunlight throughout the day.

2. Point it south if in the northern hemisphere and north if in the southern hemisphere.

3. It is recommended to angle the solar panel upward 30°.


sunlight exposure of solar panel

Connect rockspace Solar Panel to your camera

It is easy to connect your camera to the rockspace Solar Panel. Follow the steps below:

1. Pull the silicone protective cover on the back cover of your camera.

Note: If the Solar Panel port of your camera is not protected with a silicone cover, you may need to use a screwdriver and remove the screws first.

2. Plug the micro-USB cable into your rockspace camera.

plug the USB cable into the camera