To ensure security and the best performance of your security cameras, rockspace regularly releases firmware updates. We recommend you run the latest firmware to get the most out of your smart camera.

When you first set up a rockspace camera, it automatically applies the latest update. After that, if a new version is available to you, you will see a prompt from the rockhome app.

Update the firmware of rockspace camera

Your camera should be online to update the firmware. 

Note: Your camera will stop working while updating. 

1. Open the rockhome app and log in.

2. Tap Camera Setting Camera Setting icon of rockhome app in the lower right corner of the camera.

3. Tap Camera Info.

Camera Setting > Firmware info

4. Tap Firmware update.

Tip: If the firmware is up-to-date, it will show "Firmware is up to date". If not, your firmware needs to be updated.

Firmware info > Firmware update

 The update process can take a few minutes. Wait until the process completes.