You can use the included USB charging cable or a solar panel (sold separately) to charge the camera. During charging, the camera’s indicator light is solid yellow, and when the camera is fully charged, the indicator light will turn solid green.

Note: T1 is used as an example here.

USB Charging

charge camera with a USB charging cable

To charge your camera with the included USB charging cable:

1. Dismount your camera from the mount.

2. Pull the silicone protective cover on the back cover of your camera.

3. Plug the USB charging cable into the camera.

4. Connect the cable to a 5V/1.5A charging adapter and the adapter to an electrical outlet.

Note: Make sure to charge your camera indoors when using the USB cable.

Solar Panel Charging

charge camera with a solar panel

If you put your camera outdoors, you can use a solar panel for continuous power.

To charge your camera with a solar panel (sold separately):

1. Properly mount the solar panel next to your camera.

2. Connect the solar panel with your camera.