If you're setting up your rockspace camera through the rockhome app and experience problems when connecting to your Wi-Fi network, you may hear the voice prompts mentioned below. Follow the instructions to fix the problem. 

Troubleshoot connecting to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi password error: Check whether the Wi-Fi password you entered in the rockhome app is correct;

Authentication error: Ensure that your Wi-Fi network is not an enterprise network, and note that the camera supports only the network with a security level of WPA2 or below;

Wi-Fi not found: Check whether you select the right Wi-Fi network for your camera as a 5Ghz Wi-Fi cannot be searched by the camera. Place the camera near the Wi-Fi router and ensure that the router is powered on;

Retrieving IP timeout: There are too many connected devices to your router. Remove some of the connected devices that are not commonly used or restart the router to clear the unconnected devices. You may need to contact the router administrator;

Cloud service connection fail: Check whether your router is connected to the Internet. When you hear this error prompt, it is because your home network fails or the selected router is a local area network server. Please ensure that the network connection is normal, and try to temporarily turn off the firewall to connect again.