Let’s say if you have dead spots in your home where your current Wi-Fi doesn't reach. Maybe you need Wi-Fi upstairs or the signal is weak in your backyard. Range extenders may be a great option for you to improve your Wi-Fi coverage. Before you go for it, you can take a glance at this article Should you buy a Wi-Fi Range Extender.

If range extenders are still your first choice, we have some tips for you when picking the right range extender.

How to pick the right Wi-Fi range extender?


Internet speed is vital. Make sure to check the Wi-Fi speeds/standard supported by the range extender. A range extender with the latest Wi-Fi standards usually delivers faster and more reliable Wi-Fi. Specifically, does it support the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) standard? Wi-Fi 6 Range Extenders not only provide you with faster speeds but also lower latency and more connected devices. If possible, upgrade your network to the next-generation technology.


The purpose of a range extender is to kill dead zones in your house, so its coverage is absolutely important. rockspace range extenders can cover a space up to 1500 square feet. Place it about halfway between your router and where you desire a Wi-Fi signal, then you can get the Wi-Fi you need for web browsing, streaming, and gaming.


Compared with single-band Wi-Fi range extenders, dual-band range extenders can offer you more benefits. Both have advantages and disadvantages. With a dual-band one, you can choose the appropriate frequency depending on your needs. The 2.4 GHz band features longer coverage but is often crowded with many devices as lots of your microwaves, baby monitors, garage door openers, and other home appliances use it. The 5 GHz band gives you less coverage but faster speeds. You can use this frequency for gaming and streaming.


Higher wireless security standards protect your home network better. WPA2 and WPA3 are the most common security types now. Check the encryption to make sure your network is free from any threats.


You would expect the range extender is compatible with your router. Most range extenders come with great compatibility. You don’t need to buy from the very manufacturer as that of your router. rockspace Wi-Fi range extenders can be used with any routers on the market, choose the one for your needs.


Most range extenders have one or two Ethernet ports for wired connection. An Ethernet port makes it easy to connect wired devices like smart TV, laptop, game console, etc. for reliable and high-performance wireless networks.


Last but not least, go with the Wi-Fi range extender that best suits your needs and you can afford. If you only need a network for web browsing and using email, then a Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac) range extender is enough for you. rockspace provides you with affordable range extenders ranging from $36 to $99, choose the right one for your home.

In a nutshell, speed, coverage, frequency, security, compatibility, Ethernet port, and cost are factors you may consider when picking a Wi-Fi range extender.