This article applies to RSD0607 (AC750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender), RSD0608 (AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender), RSD0617 (AC2100 Wi-Fi Range Extender), RSD0618 (AX1800 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender), and RSD0623 (AC2100 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender).

Range extender's network not showing on the network list may be caused by several reasons. This article provides you with some troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshoot rockspace extender's network not showing up

1. Make sure the range extender is connected to a power source and the Power LED is on.

2. Reboot your extender and try connecting again.

3. Check the connection between the range extender and router.

  • Connect a computer to the range extender with an Ethernet cable.
  • Log in to the range extender using http://re.rockspace.local or
  • On the Status page, check the connection between your router and range extender. If your range extender is connected, you will see the network name of your router.


4. Log in to the range extender as said above, go to WiFi Settings/Wireless Setting (varied by model) and check whether the 2.4 GHz Network and 5 GHz Network are hidden.

5. Check the range extender's network name (SSID) and make sure you are looking for the correct SSID.

Note: If your router and range extender are using the same SSID, change the range extender's SSID and connect to it again.

6. Make sure the device (phone or computer) is not too far away from your range extender and there is not too much interference. Stand right next to the range extender with your device and check whether the network name of your range extender is shown in the list of available wireless networks. Refresh the list several times to be sure.

7. Try to use various wireless devices to connect to your range extender. If other devices work, the problem is with the wireless receiver in that one device. 

8. Reset your range extender and reconfigure it. If you are still unable to find the extended network, please contact the rockspace Support Team.