rockspace_EXT is the default network for rockspace Wi-Fi Range Extender setup. When you set up your range extender for the first time, your device (phone or computer) has to connect to rockspace_EXT from the network list before you continue.

If your device cannot detect rockspace_EXT for extender setup, you can try the solutions below.

Fix rockspace_EXT not showing up in the network list

1. Make sure the range extender is plugged into an outlet and the Power LED is blue.

2. Disconnect your range extender from power, then reconnect to power and wait until the light turns blue.

3. Use another phone or computer to see if they can detect rockspace_EXT.

4. If rockspace_EXT still doesn’t appear in the network list, factory reset your range extender, wait until the Power LED turns blue and try again.

Note: A factory reset can take up to 5 minutes. Make sure to wait until the process is complete before you start setup. Do not power off your range extender while pressing the Reset Button.

Contact rockspace Support Team if rockspace_EXT is still not showing up.