If your rockspace extender stopped working suddenly and you cannot connect to its network, try the solutions below. After each step, check if the issue is fixed with your phone or computer.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi extender not working

Step 1. Check power.

Make sure the range extender is properly plugged in and its Power LED is on.

Step 2. Check the extender placement.

Make sure the range extender is within an appropriate distance of receiving the router signal and there is not a lot of interference between them. Move the range extender closer to the router and place it in an open area.

You can visit where to place Wi-Fi range extender to get more tips.

Step 3. Disconnect some devices.

More the number of devices are conneted to the extender's network, the network performance will be affected. Try to disconnect some devices that are not commonly used and check the connection again.

Step 4. Check Internet connection.

User your phone to connect to your router’s network and see if you can access the Internet.

  • If you cannot access the Internet, the problem is with your router.
  • If you can access the Internet, go to step 4.

    Step 5. Reboot the range extender.

    Unplug the extender and plug it back in. Check the Internet connection.

    Step 6. Reset the range extender.

    Use a pin or paperclip to restore the range extender to its default factory settings. Set it up again after the reset.