Enable WPA3 security on rockspace AX1800 Router

Tip: Before you change the security type to WPA3, make sure your wireless devices, your computer and smartphone, for example, support WPA3 encryption. You can refer to Will WPA3 work with WPA2 devices for more information.

1. Connect your computer/smartphone to the router's network.

2. Log in to the web-based management page of AX1800 Router using http://re.rockspace.local.

3. Click Wireless > Basic.

4. Tick Support WPA3 encryption.

Support WPA3 encryption

Change the security type on rockspace AC2100 Router

Before you start, make sure to connect your smartphone/computer to the router's network.

Method 1: Via the RS WiFi App

1. Open the RS WiFi app.

2. Tap Tools > WiFi Name & Password.

3. Tap Security Mode and select the one you want.

Please select a Security Mode

Method 2: Via a web page

1. Log in to the web-based management page of AC2100 Router using http://re.rockspace.local.

2. Click WiFi Settings > WiFi Name & Password.

3. Click Encryption Mode and select from the menu.

Encryption Mode menu