rockspace cameras support two storage methods: cloud storage and SD Card storage. 

Video storage for rockspace camera

Cloud storage

The rockhome app offers a 7-day (≤1GB) free storage service. As long as there is a network connection, video clips will be recorded and uploaded to the rockhome app automatically. Once your camera's video is uploaded, you can easily access it anytime. With a cloud service subscription, you can view recordings for up to 60 days, depending on your plan.

SD card storage

To ensure you won't miss a thing when Wi-Fi goes out, you can use an SD card for backup storage. If you insert a micro SD card and the camera is connected to Wi-Fi, video clips will be stored in both the cloud and the micro SD card.

Video clips saved on the SD card can be viewed in the rockhome app but cannot be shared, downloaded, or deleted directly from the app. You need to eject it from your camera and then use a computer or phone to download or delete the corresponding clips.

When your camera goes offline, it can record videos but the videos cannot be uploaded to the cloud when it reconnects to Wi-Fi. However, if you have inserted a micro SD card into your camera, you can still view videos recorded on the SD card.